Advertise your MLM Business on Craigslist for FREE

Marketing costs for your Multi Level Marketing online can be ridiculously high. Well, actually selling costs in general, offline and online, can be intimidating for anyone starting to market their M.L.M business. So to go with that general idea is that the more you spend means you will get better and better results.

That’s only half accurate. You can spend $5,000 for PPC advertising, but if your copy is poor, and your call to action is nearly non-existent, you may only make $2,000. But what if you did not have a promoting budget? How would you be able to presumably be successful online?

There’s hope! You can market your mlm business online for free and make some pretty heavy cash.

Craigslist is almost untouched when it comes to effective MLM selling. The keyword there is effective. Most network marketers have dull text adverts with an uploaded image of a beach, a successful entrepreneur, or their company symbol. The idea is to stick out from the crowd, correct?

Well, to get noticed and so get leads and purchasing customers continue reading.

1. First you want to make an advertisement. This is really just any picture that’s turned into a link to anywhere. You can create this picture, it could be a company banner ( with authorization ), or it is a changed screen shot from a promo video or capture page.

This ad needs to incorporate color, engaging and varying size text, a call to action, and possibly some graphics incorporated into it. Remember this may be saved as one picture.

2. Now you need to host this picture online somewhere so that we can get an IMG code. This may be done on a paid hosting website like Hostgator. Or, since we are doing this for nothing host it through After hosting, copy the IMG code and paste it into your Notepad. You’ll use it later on.

3. Next go to Craigslist. Make a free account by pressing the link in the top right corner. For most satisfactory results, post in the Small Biz section. This is a phone-verified account. All Craigslist wants to know is that you are a real person and not an automated SPAMMER.

4. The last step is posting. The title of your ad needs to be familiar. However keep away from SPAM-like titles like, Make $10,000 Your First Month. It needs to be something that creates curiosity. Like, addressing a pain they might possibly be feeling. Even grab a title from a company capture page, website, or brochure.

In the description section you are only using one line of HTML code. If goes like the following

That’s the cash line. Straightforward, different, effective, attention-grabbing but only just as long as your copy and action call are quality. Your target internet site is a capture page, or actually just anywhere you would like your prospects to go.

With this type of posting it makes it so you won’t be tagged for copy posts because Craigslist only sees the HTML code, not the material in the code. You are limited to 3 posts per day in the Small Biz section, or unlimited in the General Community section.

Ready to take action and become a targeted traffic generating expert today to start turning massive profits on autopilot? I have Step By Step Training Videos in place for you to master any of these strategies to show you how to put money in your pocket quickly and easily! Ryan J. Jelley wrote about FREE Marketing on Craigslist to show you that it is possible for the average Network Marketer to succeed online.

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Learn Internet Safety Threats

Learn about the threats you face while you are connected to the Internet, the type and severity of these threats, how these threats can harm you, your privacy and your computer and in the end what measures you should take to overcome these challenges, ensure internet safety and protect yourself and your computer from these threats.

Today internet connects billions of computer world wide and it had become a personification of the real world. You can meet people, chat, play, shop, do business, watch movies, meet friends and study using an internet.

But the bad news is, by personifying or making its self an extension of the real world, internet became vulnerable to the threats we face in the real world, which means your internet safety is at stake.

Today it’s a reality that we face serious threats like identity theft, fraud, etc on internet. It is an ironic fact that the activities that you think are productive for you like sharing information, doing research, sending instant messages and emailing are the ones that make your internet infrastructure more vulnerable and fragile.

Each time you turn on your computer and connect to the internet, you face multiple threats from cyber criminals. According to computer Economics “New security threats such as web attacks, spyware, malicious mobile code, and phishing cost organizations worldwide an estimated $16.7 billion by the close of the year 2004.”

Based on recent research and analysis the internet safety threats that we face today on internet are listed below

1. Malicious programs
2. Spying
3. Hacking
4. Identity fraud
5. Denial of Service Attacks
6. Phishing
7. Spam
8. Pornographic content

Malicious Programs:

Malicious programs can be further divided into viruses, Trojans, rootkits and worms. The basic purpose of these programs is to disrupt the normal functionality of computer by reprogramming its features and forcing the system to act in a way not facilitated by the administrator or the legal owner.

These programs find their way to the system via email attachments and downloads. Extreme care therefore should be taken while downloading files from internet. We must use a standard and good quality antivirus to protect our computer from malicious programs. Firewall also help us protect internet safety from these programs.
Spywares and adware are used as spying tools. Keyloggers are also used to obtain confidential information such as passwords, login ids and pin numbers that are stored in our computer. A good quality anti spyware program must be used and all attachments must be verified and checked by an antivirus program before downloading to ensure internet safety. Computers must be protected by passwords. Intrusion detection software must be used.
Hacking comprises one of the most serious threats that we face on internet. Hackers get into our computers by sending malicious code or spywares. These programs are engineered to transfer the control of our system to the prospective hacker. That person than in turn use the victim’s computer for cyber crime. Extreme care must be taken while downloading files from internet. Some websites also act as ‘traps’, by visiting these websites the malicious code automatically gets installed in computer. Good antivirus, firewall and intrusion detection software can help us protect our computers from hackers.
Identity fraud:
Identity theft or identity fraud means somebody steals your id and password and then uses your id and passwords for illegal purposes. Strong passwords and anti spyware programs can protect you from Identity fraud. Encryption must be used while transferring confidential information to guarantee internet safety.
Denial Of Service Attacks:
Denial of service attack or distributed denial of service attacks are generally targeted at websites and servers. The basic purpose of these attacks is to knock off a website or server and made it unavailable for its intended users. The attacker uses a host of computers called bots to send multiple ping requests to the server, eventually knocking it offline due to large volume of requests.
Phishing is the process of gaining confidential and valuable information by camouflaging a fake website to look like a trustworthy or authentic website. Users are lured via instant messaging or email to enter confidential information to a fake site that looks exactly like the original one. This information then can be used to harm the users. To protect yourself from phishing you must verify the authenticity of website before entering your personal information by checking the certificate and looking for the SSL connection symbol.
Spam means use of electronic networks like instant messaging and email to send unsolicited bulks of information to multiple users indiscriminately. According to European Union Internal Market commission junk email and spam cost internet users 10 billion Euros every year. Spam also consumes the email service resources and is a waste of time for everyone making it a threat for internet safety and your computer.
Pornographic Content:
Pornographic content is extremely harmful for children. The websites containing pornographic material are also main cause of spreading malicious programs which can damage your computers and put internet safety at stake. By using parental control features found in antivirus programs and operating systems we can block access to these websites and protect our computers.

What type of online computer jobs is available on internet

Online computer jobs:

This is the computer generation and computer is used for almost everything. No one can live without computers and it has become an integral part of our age. It is used to send emails, download movies and is used for almost everything. Internet has also brought a new dimension to everything. Internet offers all sorts of information and people even work through the internet. Computers are the new age invention that has revolutionized the way people approach a certain thing. It is the next big thing after television which has made the lives of people more comfortable.

Online computer jobs are available on the internet that is mainly computer based. The various online computer based jobs include content writing, computer based jobs in Navy that is used for tracking enemy ships and other technical information. Work from home jobs are also available that enables a person to work from his own desktop through the internet.

Getting started:

Internet offers a wide variety of jobs that is computer based. A person who is on the lookout for online computer jobs should search on the net about the available jobs. Computer software engineering is basically the IT industry that builds new softwares. The software companies will recruit people to design special softwares that are used to make some profit on the market. It uses computer for all its process and is vital in the making of the software. When applying for online computer jobs, a person should be wary of job scams that will put you into trouble. Proper research is very important as it will help you gather information about the jobs that will help you to get a foothold in the industry.

The payment for the jobs is done in real time and it is a very good option to people who have a genuine interest in computer applications. A lot of companies do not demand any previous experience and the only requirement is to have some basic knowledge about computers and should be able to handle internet efficiently. Computer jobs are open to people of all communities including housewives, workers, students, and even retired people.

Scope in computer jobs:

Web designing is a very popular computer job along with computer programming. People will also get the chance to work along with companies emerged in real estate and which also has an online business network. Online computer jobs offer a wide variety of jobs that is open to people with different tastes and interests. The various streams of online computer jobs include; distribution, market programs that is affiliated with internet, importing and exporting, online auctions, MLM, data entry jobs that has the option of working from home. Checking with online bureau is a great option for checking the legitimacy of the company. This helps you to avoid falling into any scam deals. Testimonials on websites are a great way to check with the owner of the company and known more about the job and also know about the quick schemes being offered. E-books can be very helpful in understanding the basics of computer business that will help you to have a great career in computer related works.

Chris Jerico is one of the foremost advisor in matters relating to home business opportunities. To learn more about home business opportunities and how to apply for them visit the Home Jobs News website

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Online Shopping- One Of The 5 Best Ways To Use Internet Effectively

Almost everybody is bitten by the Internet bug and people use World Wide Web for various reasons! Now, every coin has a flip side, so does this. Parents and moral police are not very cool with the idea of extensive Internet use for obvious reasons. Does that mean that the cyberspace is of no or petty use to people? Think again folks, as this is one technological advancement, which has taken development to an all new level. Though there are people who misuse the technology, there is so much more to it.

I am quite bitten by the internet bug (for all the right reasons) and want to share my experiences with you. Reading this, I am sure your mom will not bother you anymore on using the digital technology:


One of the best uses of Internet is this! Now dont look at the screen doubtfully, its actually true! Online gaming is a massive industry with mammoth games on various themes. There are many educational games, which are a nice way to teach kids. Likewise, there are several other games, which act as a nice recreational activity and also educate kids.

Online shopping

The best of the lot it is for sure! Since ages, traditional shopping has gthe way of life and people were so very accustomed to it. But, to break the said and done things, internet giants introduced the concept of online shopping in India. Though it is a new angle to shopping in this country, American countries follow it religiously. With the mushrooming of numerous online shopping portals in India people are spoilt for choice. Be it purchasing wall clocks Online or buying bed sheets, men or women clothing et al, you name it and e-retailers have it. Bargains, convenience, variety and privacy are key factors of the rapid incline towards e-malls.

Social networking

Social networking took the world by storm ever since its inception. I have not seen anything catch up with people as fast as it did! The very idea of connecting with friends, family, knowing knew people, speaking your heart out, posting pictures and being who you are clicked with the masses. Today, there are several social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, MySpace and Hi5 to name a few. Join any of these platforms and stay connected!

Online contests

Ghar baithey jeeto (win while sitting at home) is not a bad idea at all! E-competitions are growing in popularity rapidly as people today love to make money, win prizes without torturing their minds. There is a slew of such challenges wherein, contestants need to answer few questions in a bid to win prizes, or may be the ones that are based on lucky-selection process.


Move over conventional broadcast and newspaper advertising because going digital is the mantra. If you operate an entrepreneurial venture or if you are looking to promote your business, nothing can beat e-marketing. Internet is big, and is getting bigger with every passing day. A lot of people use it and if you advertise your business online, a lot many people will take note of it.

There are multi-faceted benefits of internet and the ways in which it can be utilized. All you need to do is channelize resources, think properly make optimum and maximum use if this wonder technology.

Wireless Internet Phone Ideas And Details

Probably all the chief mobile phone producers in the world are making Wireless Internet phones. They are also referred to as VoIP voice over Internet phones. A broadband wireless system must be set up within your office or home before you can make use of your wireless internet phone. You can increase your internet speed by using a wireless Internet phone via the phones Bluetooth. In this case you will need a Bluetooth allow phone.

The use of Wireless Internet Phone involves the use of Wireless Application Protocol WAP. When you access a Wireless Internet phone with WAP permited device, you can use it by opening the mini-browser when you switch of the phone, the device will send a radio signal to its environment and search for a network service. When a connection has been established with your service provider, you can then search for your websites, the gateway server using WAP receives a call when you begin to browse with your Wireless internet phone and the information is retrieved by the gateway server through the HTTP on the website you are browsing. After your gateway server encodes the HTTP facts as WML, these encoded facts is then sent to your wireless internet phone appliance.

A Web site creates particular text-only or low-graphics versions of the site in order to begin a wireless internet content on your wireless Internet phone. The web server sends the facts in an HTTP form to gateway which make use of other features such as WAP encoder, script compiler and protocol adapters to convert the HTTP information to WML. The converted facts is thus sent to the WAP client on your wireless internet phone by the Gateway. The facts and information are passed on to the mini browser once the information and facts are received by the WAP client on the wireless internet phone. The work of the mini browser is to ease internet navigation within the Wireless Internet phone.

There are numerous technical protocols which are also required for the sufficient exchange and transfer of Internet over a wireless Internet phone. Wireless Internet phone services can be subscribed unto through this link;

How Internet Fax Works

Internet faxing is a technological boon for the entire business community as all types of documents like MS Word documents, PDF files and scanned images can be attached to an Email and faxed to an analog fax machine. Yet another blessing is Internet faxing is a hosted service and as such you are not required to invest in any hardware and spend on its subsequent maintenance or buy software packages or recurrently buy consumables.

All you need to do is to subscribe to a third-party Internet faxing service and they will undertake to convert e-mails into faxes and faxes into e-mails. The basic prerequisites for availing Internet faxing services are – a sound Internet connection, an Email facility and tie up with a reliable Internet service provider. Sending and receiving Internet faxes are quite simple and calls for no special expertise.

The three-step formula for sending Internet faxes are:

Using your desktop e-mail application or Web mail, create a message and send the file you want to fax as an attachment.

Address the e-mail to the recipient’s fax number, plus a special extension for which the details will be given by your service provider.

Once the e-mail attachment is received, it automatically encodes the attachment as fax data and transmits it through a phone line to the receiver’s fax machine.

The three-step formula for receiving Internet faxes are:

Your Internet-fax service provider will assign you either a toll-free or regular fax number.

The sender dials your fax number and then sends the fax from a standard fax machine.

The service receives the fax, reconverts the data into an e-mail attachment and sends it to your e-mail address – which you can open and read.

As e-mail and Internet connection are the two prime requisites for availing Internet fax services, it is feasible to do mobile faxing – sending Internet faxes from a handheld device like Blackberry, Treo, pocket computer or palm computer. This is known as faxing from PDA (Personal Digital Assistants) faxing.

It is to be noted that handheld mobile devices adopt varying methods for Internet faxing:

Some PDAs use the standard modems and plug them into a phone line or a cell phone for dial-up Internet connection.

Most PDAs synchronize with the computer either by means of a cradle or even directly. When the PC is connected to the Internet, so does the handheld device.

PDAs can also be connected to the Internet by means of cellular carriers operating over WANs.

PDA with a wireless card can be connected to the Internet through LAN.

Once the Internet connectivity to your mobile device is in place, you can send / receive faxes the same way you would from a computer. Please know that you can also save Internet fax messages just like you would any email attachment and you can access any time.

Internet faxing makes it possible to send and receive faxes without investing in costly equipments. Because only email facility and Internet are needed, you can avail Internet fax services wherever there is the Internet. Thus Internet fax services are a boon for mobile users, business travelers, field personnel and even holidaymakers.

To get more information about VoIP Phone System as well as finding more information about 800 Numbers. To learn more visit:

Enjoy the convenience of Internet with a Broadband Home Hub

For those who want to be a cut above, out of the various Home Broadband Packages the Home Hub is the choice for you. The Broadband hub is a new development which has been made to revolutionise how we use internet and telephone services in our homes, and to make these much more efficient than ever before. The Home Hub is the best way to get top notch broadband technology into your home.

Ultimately the Home Hub has been designed to make sure that your internet is as fast as possible, and accessible to all those within your household, but secure from those without. The broadband home hub will ensure that every corner of your house is covered, so nobody has to have the inconvenience of poor signal or a slower connection. This means that multiple users can use the internet, with no impact on each other, all at the same time.

The home hub is offered by BT with a number of deals that you can avail of. There are often free periods of few months at the beginning of the contract, not to mention the inclusion of the home hub device for free, when it would usually cost near to 100 when bought on its own. With these deals you can get up to 20Mb in download speeds, as well as generous monthly usage depending on large a package you decide to pay for.

The home hub works wirelessly, so that you need not be connected to the hub to get a perfect internet signal. This means that as long as the connection is set up properly, you are good to use the internet wherever you are in the house.

The home hub has plenty of great technology. The device can be programmed to turn off or sleep at certain times. This is perfect for conserving electricity at times when it is unlikely to be used, such as at night. Equally, it can be used for parental control, such as programmed to turn off for a while at homework time.

The home hub also automatically updates itself by communicating with your broadband provider. This means that it is always informed about new services, products and solutions. This means that it is all the more unlikely to ever encounter any technical problems.

Your home hub is also multi purposed. Many devices can be connected into the system, rather than just your home desktop system. You can also link in laptops and even games consoles without the need for any wiring.

The Evolution Of Internet Radio

The Internet is one of the greatest creations of mankind, as it brings together millions and millions of folks from around the world and provides them with a common platform to do an endless number of activities. The power to find and share information, connect with each other through social networks and play games together are just a few of the activities many internet users enjoy regularly. Due to the advent of internet, a long-time amusement medium had to change its ways in order to survive and continue to exist. The technology, you might have guessed, is traditional radio play, which had to revolutionize itself into ‘the radio on the internet’ so it wouldn’t fall behind the rapidly transforming digital world.

Radio on the Internet, or Internet Radio as it’s usually called, was first attempted in the earlier part of the 1990s but it didn’t find many avid listeners at conception. The few pioneer online radios had to accommodate the traditional system they had in place greatly in order to acquire an audience. This forced radio stations to present their audience with anything they wanted, no matter how divergent it was to conventional radio principles.

The basic difference between regular radio and ‘radio on the internet’ is the fact that internet radio stations can be heard from any laptop around the world. This means the for example, if you are a located in the state of California in the United States, you can still catch up the online radio shows being broadcast from other states like New York, or even other countries on other continents. Such a feat isn’t possible with the conventional technology and that’s where Internet Radio stations holds a distinct advantage.

The Internet was initially committed strictly for academic and communication purposes but as soon as its popularity soared, the Congress was left with no choice but to accept its usage for commercial motives too. The very first show to be broadcast through the internet was a tech-based talk show. Soon the musicians got involved and in 1994, famous rock band The Rolling Stones became the first music group to use internet radio for one of their concerts. The radio stations followed this new trend and began to stream their live music for free on the internet.

Everything seemed alright until the Digital Millennium Copyright Act was introduced by Bill Clinton administration, which meant that the online radio stations had to start paying musicians for playing their material. Hence, the free broadcasts turned into a full fledged business where the users now had to pay to listen.

However, since the impact of this decision wasn’t extremely powerful before the turn of the 20th century, thousands of quality online radio shows had emerged. The choice and variety presented to the listeners quickly skyrocketed, giving listeners the ability to listen to whatever they want at anytime. Internet Radio has not is helping the audience, but also aspiring musicians who benefit from the increased airtime and are thankful for this game changing invention.

Internet Fax Machines For The Soho User

If you work in a small office/home office environment (often referred to as a SOHO environment) then you can appreciate convergence products that allow one device to do the work of many other devices.

The PC has become one of the most important inventions of the 20th century, and indeed the PC has done more for revolutionizing the way we do business than any other single innovation in the past one hundred years. Not since the printing press has one single innovation made such an impact on the business world.

One of the features that makes PCs so useful and indispensable is the ability for the device to wear many hats and serve as a multifunction device that different employees and technicians can use for different purposes.

For the all around office machine, fax software should be included on the list of applications that all office PCs should have to make them as useful as possible and to lessen the amount of hardware that needs to be purchased in order to have an office working at peak efficiency.

When equipped with faxing software or utilizing the services of an online internet faxing site, you not only add functionality to you initial PC investment but you also save money by not having to outfit the office with cumbersome hardware that is difficult to use. Additionally, when you use your PC to accomplish faxing tasks, you have the same ability to have a digital paper trail (like the type enabled by email and other internet based textual communication). Records can be kept by the software or service and allow for lightning-quick search and verify actions to be done when necessary. No more wondering if your secretary sent the fax you asked to have sent by lunch. Individuals with an interest in the faxed communiqu can be notified via email upon reception of the fax and can follow up on messages as they are received.

Top VOIP Services For Making Internet Phone Calls

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is, at its heart, just a method for communicating by voice over the Internet, instead of through traditional phone lines.

However, with VOIP comes a whole new set of technology challenges because communication through the internet is typically much slower than a direct telephone connection. This is because of how internet traffic is routed and because data sent through the internet is usually split up into very small chunks before it is transmitted and is reassembled later when it is received. These things can introduce big delays that are very annoying when speaking to someone else, causing you to constantly talk over each other, as well as causing garbled speech when all of the data isnt received in a timely fashion or if it is in the incorrect sequence.

In this review of VOIP Services we are going to take a look at some of the biggest players in the game and then also introduce you to some you may not be as familiar with.

Google Voice Officially launched in 2009, Google Voice is a relatively new player in the VoIP space. It was actually around for quite some time under a different name, Grand Central, as early as 2005 but has since been purchased, modified, and re-launched by Google. Unlike Skype, it is not currently possible to use Google Voice as an independent telephone service but seems to be something Google wants to do.

Magic Jack – It only takes a few minutes from start to finish. Really the drawback to Magic Jack is that you need an always on computer to run it as well as open specific ports on your computer that leave you susceptible to malicious users online. The magic Jack itself costs about $39.95USD, which includes only one full year of service.

Net Talk The only advantage that Net Talk has over magic Jack is that it can be hooked directly up to your router instead of a computer so you dont have to leave your PC on all the time to make and receive calls. is a lot like Skype, but specifically targeted at the Canadian market. The free service allows you to download a software phone that you can use to place free long distance calls to most Canadian cities. The voice quality is pretty decent but there are short service outages from time to time that might are certainly going to be an annoyance to you.

Vonage When it comes to reliable VoIP service, Vonage is about as reliable as it gets. Unfortunately, they are about as expensive as it gets too. They were one of the first companies to offer consumer friendly VoIP service to the general public and their prices havent changed much since they first launched back in 2001. Their basic service costs $19.99 a month and includes 500 minutes of local and long distance calls anywhere in Canada and the US. Their unlimited plan used to cost $39.99, but has recently dropped to $29.99 for unlimited calling to Canada, the USA, and 60 other countries worldwide. Unfortunately, there is a fair usage cap of 3000 minutes per month.

Jaxtr Jaxtr is a lot like a calling card that is great for using with cell phones. You use it by entering your phone number along with your contacts phone number into their web form or smart phone app and then you are given a local access number to call using any phone. Your contact will also be sent a text message telling them the number they need to call to be connected to you. Once you have both called in you will be able to talk for free as long as you want. This free service is available in over 50 countries including Canada and the USA. The only time you have to pay for the call is when you dont want the hassle of making your contact call in. You can be connected to them immediately by pressing 1 after you call in and you will be billed according to their extremely low per minute rates (0.8/min in Canada & USA).

JaJah Is a call back service that allows you to place calls by entering both your phone number and the persons number whom you are calling into their online form. First, JaJah will call your phone and then, once you answer the call, you will be connected to the other person. This works much like how the Google Voice call back system works except you dont have your own telephone number. Most JaJah calls are billed though.

Primus – has a VoIP phone service called TalkBroadband that is similar to Vonage only not quite as good. Their packages start at $19.99 per month. is a very straightforward Canadian-based VoIP service that is meant to work with an ATA in conjunction with a standard home phone. They offer Canadian phone numbers (currently 4 provinces) at a small additional cost and provide you with the ATA configuration settings at no cost. You can also choose to pay a small monthly fee for unlimited incoming calls. Calls within Canada charged at 0.5/min (half a cent per minute) and USA calls are a bit more.

Now that we have gone over all of these traditional VOIP services with the funny names, let me introduce you to one that doesnt require you to be chained to your computer in order to be able to make calls using this cost saving technology.

Smart Mobile Wireless has just launched three mobile applications, Smart Mouth Mobile, Smart Mouth Kids, and Smart Mobile, and unlike other mobile VOIP services, these communications apps work cross platform on Apple iOS, for iPhone, iPad and even iPod Touch as well as Android and Blackberry devices.

The Smart Mobile Wireless applications allow the user to enjoy unlimited user to user voice and text, (user to user includes all three versions as well as cross platform), All-in-one IM client that even supports Facebook chat, Twitter integration, voicemail and more.

The smartest thing to do is take advantage of the $19.95 annual subscription upgrade that gives you unlimited INTERNATIONAL calling to any number anywhere! NO monthly charges, no per minute charges, and the freedom to call anyone. This is why I ended this review with the service available through the mobile apps from Smart Mobile Wireless, unlimited calling to any number for twenty bucks a year? That is just too good to pass up.