What Is Satellite Internet Connection

Satellite internet connection is a type of connection whereby outgoing and incoming connections reach a user’s computer via a satellite from the server. It is a method of providing high speed internet connection when other ground based alternatives such as DSL, fiber optic cable and copper cable are not available making it a very ideal option for users who are in remote regions of the world.

How does it operate?

Satellite internet connection is made up of three stages:

1. Ground based server

This server is controlled by the ISP and allows sending and receiving of data and information from the internet through the satellite.

2. Satellite

The satellite orbits around the earth in either a geosynchronous or geostationary orbit and acts as an intermediary between server and end user computer.

3. User equipment

At the user end one must have the following equipments:
– A satellite dish antenna with the following dimensions: 2 feet high, 3 feet wide and 3 feet deep.
– A satellite modem or transceiver and a coaxial cable to connect the antenna to the satellite modem.

The server and satellite dish use radio waves to communicate with the satellite and the modem converts the radio waves digital data or from digital data to radio waves.

Most satellites use Internet Protocol (IP) multi-casting technology which allows up to 5000 communication channels to simultaneously communicate with a satellite at one time.

IP multi-casting enables the satellite to send data from a single point to many points by sending it in compressed format. Data compression helps in reducing the size of data transmitted hence saving on bandwidth.

Connection speeds

Satellite internet connection speeds vary according to the position of the end user on the earth surface. Down link speed or downstream speeds and Up link speeds or upstream speeds are usually different ,the downloading speeds can be as fast as 5 Megabits per second and Uploading speeds can be as fast as 300 Kilo bits per seconds.
Usually the upload and download speeds depend on the connectivity package plan subscribed by the user and in order for one to get high speed you need to pay more.

Disadvantages of satellite internet connection

1. Connection speeds are influenced by rain fade and atmospheric interference , the up link and down link signal may be disrupted by snow, rain, hurricanes and other poor weather conditions.

2.Satellite communication is not ideal for on line gaming, video conferencing and internet phone communication because of latency which causes time delays between data transmitted and data received due to great distance needed to be covered by signals between server and satellite and satellite and end user satellite dish.

How to increase efficiency

1. Reducing latency

Latency is usually caused by the many round trips that need to be completed before any data can be received by the end user. Using special IP stacks and proxies can help reduce latency by reducing the round trips or reducing the length of packet headers.
These type of latency reducing technologies are usually referred to as TCP acceleration, HTTP prefetching and DNS caching.

2. Reducing advertisements

Advertisements usually consume a lot of bandwidth hence slowing down satellite internet communication speeds. In order to free up bandwidth it is advisable to use ad-blocking software as most advertising websites render the browser and Internet Service Provider’s cache useless through a process known as cache busting.

Instant Internet Lifestyle Review By Lee McIntyre

Instant Internet Lifestyle is a movie workshop by a successful marketer from the UK called Lee McIntyre and is easily the most priceless product that I have procured this year.

If you plan on purchasing the product, and now have a few questions or doubts, you might like to read the Instant Internet Lifestyle explained below to help you decide if it is a great decision for you.

Just like any my product reviews, I really purchased this product and used it previously writing the review, so you can rest assured that this is a genuine review, rather than a sales offer.

What is It? Instant Internet Lifestyle consists of a number of video recordings from a live internet marketing work shop named as “Inside Out Upside Down Workshop”. This workshop lasts 2 days and initially cost $997 a ticket.

How Much is it? The cost for access to the videos is $19.95 (one-time payment). This is tremendous value thinking of how much the live workshop cost.

Download After payment you get instant access to a password protected members area. Once you have logged into the members area you can just press play on the first videos to view it live online. All the other videos from his workshop are downloadable so you can download them to your laptop and watch them offline whenever you wish. If you dont have a internet connection this may not be for you as video files are very substantial. However one great thing is that Lee also provides a transcript of the full work shop. So if you have internet problems, have listening difficulties or if you just prefer reading rather than watching, you can download these 8 PDF files.

This product The first video is just under an hour long and is a great intro. Lee explains how anyone can invent their own product in less than a day without a lot of effort.

He covers a number of different ways to do this, a few of which I hadnt wondered myself.

Who is this specific for? I feel that this is suitable for:

– Newbie internet marketers with no prior know-how

– People who have been trying to succeed for a while without much great outcomes.

– Those who want to create their own specifics product or improve the sales of their existing products.

– Individuals that want to do something new in their business such as setting up an affiliate program, doing video marketing or freelancing.

Lee over provides significantly with this product. The 10 hours of video content are worth a lot more than 10 times the price he is charging and the high quality is top notch. Lees enthusiasm is infectious and the videos are very easy to watch because of this. The transcripts are a very nice additional gift.

This is certainly undoubtedly the best product Ive brought this year and one of the best value products I have seen. If you are even thinking of creating your own product, or if you wish to enhance your results online, I suggest this. I learned a lot of different things from these videos and created a few ideas for my own business so make sure you have a pen and paper nearby when you watch them!

Make Money On The Internet – Discover Which Programs Can You Trust

If you want to seriously learn how to make money on the Internet, then you have found the right article. However, if you’re looking to make thousands of dollars on the Internet by tomorrow, then you can just keep dreaming because it isn’t that simple. Think about it, if it was, wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

That may sound very disappointing for many, but it’s the truth. But, don’t think all hope is lost because it’s not lost. In fact it’s here. Let me explain.

I’m sure you became interested in learning how to make money on the Internet when you saw an infomercial on the television late one night, where they interviewed “successful” people who make thousands a day on the Internet, only from doing a few things. Or perhaps, you’re in need of a new stream of income.

Whatever your reason for your recent desire to learn how to make money on the Internet, we all want the same result, to earn money online.

When most people are looking to learn how to make money on the Internet, they stumble into programs which promise them the world. These are the number one kind of programs you must avoid or you will lose your own money without anything in return.

If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably isn’t true. If you come across programs or products which claim to earn you thousands in a day, those you want to stay for away from.

A prime example of this is Jeff Paul’s Shortcuts to Internet Millions, have you heard of it before? This is a program, which you pay a lot of money upfront for a package of information. However, they call you back say you need this more expensive package to really start earning.

Programs like this will cost you to lose thousands of dollars in no time at all, so how do you know which programs to trust?

Before joining a program, read a review someone has written on it, however you want to make sure that the review is an accurate review because when only tell you a short description of the product and say it’s good. The best reviews are ones without a detailed description of the program, one that shows that the writer of the review has actually used or joined the program.

Learn how to make money on the Internet by programs which actually teach you, instead of just taking your money.

I, along with thousands of others, strongly stand by the Internets’ best place to learn how to make money on the Internet, Wealthy Affiliate University. If you want to find out more, you can read my personal Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Internet advertising through websites

With the growth of information technology on the internet has increased the amount of time people spends on it, which has generated a new market for internet advertising. Some of the wealthiest and big companies in the world have made sure that they get a part of internet marketing pie that proves to be a good reason for them. As many companies are looking for advertising opportunities in a specific market, internet advertising offers some great targeting methods which ensure that those who see your ads are the ones most likely to buy. It is not possible to get a clear idea of how many people see advertising through traditional means, as it is difficult to track the reach of newspaper and television advertisements. Whereas internet advertising allows the advertiser to track the number of impression of the visitors an ad gets, and also how many of them visits their business website because of the particular ads. Thus it makes easy for the client to see what kind of conversion rates internet advertisements are getting through web design as compared to traditional advertising. In case of limited budget, internet advertising can be the best option among traditional method and latest technology. A small yellow page ad can cost several dollars, whereas through internet advertising you get charged only when the visitor clicks on the advertisement, that sounds pretty cheaper. The conversion rates from internet marketing are much better than from the traditional methods as it has the ability to track the effectiveness of the ads from web design. As the internet spans the whole world, the targeted market is scattered all around the world can be targeted at once, instead of trying different publications and other means of advertising for different areas. On the whole, internet marketing can be a great way to get the word about your products and services in a cost effective and efficient way.

Web Design Bradford based Website Design premier company.

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How to Fix Slow Internet

Have you ever had to wait for minutes to open a webpage? Did you have to refresh the page for many times in order to make all its features fully exhibited? If the answer is yes, then I’m pretty sure that you have long time before tired of the slow internet.

You may want to ask, how should I suffer this? Well, there are many reasons for slow internet. For example, your router or modem is out-dated, your ISP does not provide enough bandwidth for you, the infrastructure around where you’re using computer needs to be changed, or your computer is much older. For these external reasons, you can simply substitute something new and better for them as long as you have enough money to pay for them. However, there are other causes that you can not just manage with money.

Some of them are:
1. Virus and spyware. They can constantly consume your Internet bandwidth to send private information or establish a connection to the hacker’s computer. This will breach Windows firewall because a port has been open and used to allow the hacker to gain access to your computer anytime!
2. Registry errors. If your registry is cluttered with invalid or corrupted entries, there would be all kinds of registry errors popping up.
3. Third party toolbars and add-ons. Excessive toolbars and add-ons would delay the response of your internet browser as the browser has to check and refer to the features of them every time you give order to it.
4. Junk files. These files would occupy large space of your hard disk, and affect the performance of the computer. Then there is no doubt that your internet will thus be influenced.

After figure out the reasons for slow internet, you can start to fix it.
1. A reliable anti-virus needs to be installed to fix the issue of viruses and spyware. There are several good antivirus software programs available in the market. You can buy any of them and install it. After installing the anti-virus update its virus definitions and then start a full PC scan and remove all the viruses, malwares and adware from your system.
2. As to registry errors, you can use a registry cleaner to clean up your registry. Install a good registry cleaning tool. Then scan registry for errors and fix the issues. This will enhance the internet speed. However, since Windows registry is very sensitive, you should deal with it carefully.
3. Third party toolbars, add-ons and junk files can be disabled or removed by computer optimizer. With the function of BHO manager and junk cleaner, you can easily solve this kind of problem.

If slow internet is what you are experiencing, you can follow the tips mentioned in this article to solve the problem of very slow internet.

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Cannot Access Internet After Connecting to VPN (Cisco, Sonicwall, Etc)

If a user complains that once they are connected successfully to the VPN, but is unable to go out into the internet, you can try these steps. Sometimes there are things like “Split Tunnel” which can be turned on, but in some cases, even if this is on, it will not resolve the issue. When this happens, you can create a batch script and have the user run these commands to resolve the issue. It is sort of a workaround, but can be used for crutch situations.

1. Open Command Prompt by Clicking Start > Run > Type CMD > Hit Enter.

2. Type these following commands:

route delete

route add mask

*Important: CHANGE to your local GATEWAY address (router/firewall address)*

3. Done

You can create a batch script and the user launch it after connecting to VPN, as once they disconnect and reconnect they will lose the settings. This can be done by opening up notepad, inputing the two commands, and then saving it as a.BAT file. Once you save this file, the user can launch this after VPN connection.

Here are some troubleshooting guides for particular topics.

(1) Your Virtual Network Connection

(2) VPN Troubleshooting Error Messages

(3) VPN Modems Troubleshooting Guide

(4) VPN ISP Troubleshooting Guide.

(1) Your Virtual Private Network Connection

Having trouble connecting to the Internet at home try these steps before calling for help.

1. Do you have an IP address? Try ipconfig /all. If you do not have an IP address reboot your PC. If that doesnt work power cycle your Cable/DSL modem and routers and reboot your PC again after the network devices are up and stable. Be sure all of your network cables are plugged in tight.

2. If you do not trust the VPN address of the VPN client, the firewall will cause you to crash. In your Internet browser click on “Tools > Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites > Sites” and add the destination VPN address(es) to your trusted sites.

Q8 Error Message: You already have the maximum number of adapters installed

Cause: You may have installed to many virtual adapters in your IP Stack


1. Remove any unnecessary adapters;

2. Create multiple boot scenarios disabling the adapters that are not required for that function;

3. You may also get Banner Sock errors on Win 95 & 98 units with this condition;

4. For more information, see this Microsoft article: KB217744: Unable to Bind Protocols to More Than 5 Network Adapters (copy and paste into the search tool bar > enter).

Q9 Upgrade Errors: The following are some errors that may occur when trying to upgrade / install the Nortel VPN Client 4.65

Error (1): Failed to get Registry key value for NT_IPSECSHM

Cause: This is caused because an important registry key that cannot be found in the system registry.


When this happens, you can create a batch script and have the user run these commands to resolve the issue. It is sort of a workaround, but can be used for crutch situations.

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The most satisfying things about being in a IT position is about using the VPN service to the maximum of its potential. vpn client software download, vpn client software download, vpn client software download

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The Dangers Of The Anonymous Internet

Copyright 2006 Sharon Housley

Attempting to legislate the Internet will not work, as the Internet is global and covers areas where no single government’s rule applies. The jurisdiction issues make the Internet a haven for fraudulent and illegal activity.

Child exploitation and the rise of Internet related crimes is increasing. Child exploitation has no boundaries; pedophiles exist in every socioeconomic, ethnic and religious community. Consider these statistics, 20% of children online are approached sexually online. 89% of those advances take place over instant messaging. Online predators prowl, rebellious teenagers are opportune targets, and shared personal details often make them become victims.

This further fuels the discussion of who is who. Are they really who they say they are, or claim to be? The Internet is far more complex and “anonymity” might in fact provide the protection that surfers are seeking.

The anonymity of the Internet is a cause for concern. Pedophiles hide behind the protection of anonymity, creating ideal profiles being exactly the friend that impressionable youngsters want them to be. The fact is that a child doesn’t always know with whom they are interacting with. All of this makes education critically important.

Children, adolescents, and teens must realize and understand the risks associated with Internet activities and modify their personal habits in order to stay safe online. Sharing private information is just not acceptable. Parents must realize that the Internet is part of world in which our children are living, and as much as we would like to shelter them, it has become an integral part of their worlds. Much like the warnings that youngsters today grow up with about not talking to strangers, parents must redefine who strangers are, so that their children will accurately understand the online dangers. The critical element to staying safe online is to be educated and understand the very real risks associated with online surfing.

While remaining anonymous is part of the problem, on the Internet, it might actually be a protection. If Pedophiles can hide behind screen names and pseudonyms, why can’t children? If an adolescent is participating in online communities, whether its for educational purposes or social entertainment, creating an anonymous identity will help shield their personal information. Personal information related to location should still not be shared but the additional layer, might help shelter the child from unwanted attention.

While anonymity is a protection for the children, it also allows them the freedom to be children. Today’s employers often search the Internet for information about potential employees. Additionally colleges and private schools will often search a students history on the Internet prior to offering them admission. As children grow, their views and opinions often change. The Internet’s timeless and endless archive of those opinions may no longer be an accurate reflection of who a child has become. Children who post anonymously can afford the luxury of being a child, without the evolution of their opinions being available in a searchable archive.

Anonymity on the Internet might be a tool to help keep children safe, while venturing into the global Internet.

For additional tips to keep children safe online see:

Security Port – http://www.security-port.com

Wired Kids – http://www.wiredkids.org

Different Positive Aspects Of Broadband Internet

In the time of technologies, the internet has regarded huge importance. One uses internet in their regular activities. The uses for the internet are existent in the various different field starting from information to communication to education to amusement among others. This leads to one desiring a fast and east internet access all the time. Broadband internet is the systems which has developed internet access much faster. Typically dial up internet was used.

The broadband internet is a more suitable choice vis a vis dial up internet in many ways. Some of the positive aspects of broadband internet include the following:

. The speed capacity is the most desirable factor of broadband internet. The speed of files transmission is better. Such as in the instance of a dial up service is it is around 56 kbps. However with broadband internet connection, players like BSNL broadband and Reliance Netconnect give very fast which begin from 200 kbps.

. In case of high quality internet services, you can find better amount of files transmission which is crucial. For instance internet games, Sound over internet Protocol needs immense data transmission. Broadband internet supports this files transfer with a better speed. Thus one does not need to wait for downloading or connectivity.

. There is a speedier loading of pages. Actually one can download movies, music and some other files with ease and in a much faster way. Actually internet providers like BSNL broad band have numerous packages which offer one with astounding speed which causes the procedure easy for the consumer. It makes processes like video conferencing, chatting over the web-came a progressively easy procedure.

. In case of broadband internet, one uses a telephone line. Yet while usage of the internet there is no blocking of the telephone line which was the case in the traditional dial up technique. As a result one can use the internet as well as the internet together in case of broadband internet.

. A person has the alternative of keeping their broadband service on for 24 hours. Providers like BSNL broadband have a fixed rental for limitless usage making it an economical scheme to be linked all the time.

. The wireless systems has entered the broadband internet scheme. Thus it has proven to be a benefit to all palmtop, cell phone, laptop users. In fact BSNL broadband, Reliance netconnect have excellent systems which are on offering for a wireless broadband internet accessibility.

These strengths of broadband internet allow it to be a very attractive option for all internet users.

Jonathan Budd Review The Secrets Of Internet Marketing Success

This Jonathan Budd Review takes an in-depth look at the guy whose business has literally exploded into the internet marketing world. From banners to videos and articles, anywhere you go on the internet you can’t miss him.

Behind Jonathan Budd there’s already a strong team of very experienced specialists he coordinates to get his business to new heights. He has managed to build great trust among internet marketers and has already reached an authority status. People watch his every move, and his every product launch instantly turns into a multi million dollar business.

By products I mainly mean training courses, like the 7 Figure Networker, the MLM Mastermind System or the Top Producer Formula, which are recognized as canon for pay per click and search engine optimization strategies as well as for personal and motivational training regarding the entrepreneurial way of thinking and promoting one’s own products via sales funnel.
How did he achieve that and could anyone ever match his accomplishments?

You have to realize that nobody was ever born an expert. Competence in the field of website building and promotion is achieved through a serious learning process that you cannot avoid. Usually to learn that, you have to buy some courses that teach you how to do it.

Now in this day and age you may think about skipping the purchase part and turning to the internet for finding free solutions to your needs, but think about it: can you tell where you need to look? And most importantly, do you know WHAT you’re looking for? Why engage in an erratic, time-consuming search when you can find your answers in Jonathan Budd’s courses?

What about the Slap by Google Adwords?

Jonathan Budd’s newest course is called Get Traffic 3.0 and it focuses on the basics of Facebook PPC Advertising Imagine the impact on internet marketing that the second ranked website in the world can have! Their new pay per click option gives users the possibility to focus on exactly the target market they address to, the country and state they want to reach.

With all the Google Adwords accounts that have been shut down lately for breach of their sometimes unreasonable protocol. Facebook pay per click is a breath of fresh air.
I agree that Google requires quality websites in order to feature them on their PPC column but nowadays you can’t safely promote your capture page because they could ban you anytime for no reason!

Jonathan faced exactly the same problem, he suddenly got his Google Adwords account closed. This was his main method of promoting his multi million dollar enterprise, and I can’t begin to imagine how it must have affected him to simply lose it on a whim.

This kind of insecurity has determined many internet marketers to focus on Facebook’s PPC service, and the general opinion is that it’s like Google Adwords used to be, if not better.

Is Jonathan Budd A Person You Can Trust?

If I had to choose the best three MLM coaches out there, Jonathan Budd would undoubtedly be one of them. Besides a few tire kickers, I have never heard of a person complaining about the valuable information they get from Jonathan’s courses.

I personally never got into any of his training programs because I only heard about him after I joined another system that has worked very well for me. There are many good options out there, just don’t waste any more time and start learning!

There is a lot of money out there! Go get it!

Introduction to Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is a concept of business marketing, both to customers and to other businesses, via the internet. But, to explore and understand this black box is not simple. The main reason is that the internet is forever evolving and is subjected to waves of changes.

With new advances in internet technology, businesses are able to leverage on it and add to their marketing approach and content. Similarly, more people are logging onto the internet every day as the internet access are made more affordable and readily available. The demographic is changing, and no longer is the wealthy individual the only target of internet marketing. Today, we should consider all income levels in our internet marketing approaches of business.

In the 1990s, internet marketing went berserk. It was a brand new concept, and caution had been thrown to the wind in all the hype. Companies did not take into consideration that the same variables of marketing in other forms of media should logically be applied to internet marketing as well. Their failure to study markets and create sound strategies led to the fall of many so-called dot-coms in the end of 2000. The survivors, and successors, began to look toward time-tested logic in marketing for direction, and the result was massive growth.

Through the now-careful approach of businesses and marketers alike, targeted advertising on the internet has brought forth great success. Virtually any market you may wish to break into can be tapped on the internet. Many marketing firms offer the solutions a business needs to get their products out to consumers, while a small firm may wish to handle their marketing on their own and can find lower-cost solutions for their goals as well.

A major resource for internet marketing is the search engines. To get the spontaneous suggestions offered by television or radio, pop-up ads and ads placed directly on a web-site are used. Another excellent form of marketing is the eMail feature that is available on the internet. But bear in mind that the business will only achieve success when you have built a good relationship with the customer.

Many people are spending hours on the internet daily. This is because the internet offers convenience, and it is capable of helping you get your tasks completed, with handy and easy to use point and click features. Many tasks no longer require a trip in the car to be completed. Thus, relationships are growing on the web, and as they do, the pace of internet commerce has rocketed into the trillions of dollars. Advances in technology, and increased traffic, are leading to a future for internet marketing that can only point skyward.

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